Halloween Ends

A satisfying conclusion - 5/10

by Dr. Cinema

After the catastrophic Halloween Kills, David Gordon Green returns with his final movie Halloween Ends. The trailer looked promising and gave me hope for a great conclusion. Well, did evil finally die? Halloween Ends follows Corey who stands accused of murdering a boy which ignites a cascade of violence and terror that forces Laurie to confront the evil. Look, if you saw the trailer and were expecting a slasher or a horror movie then you are going to be extremely disappointed and mad about the movie. It was a mash 2 completely different movies that were made into one big Halloween movie. The fusion of those genres made for a messy and convoluted plot. Moreover, I found some of the dialogue to be badly written. I wouldn’t classify this as a Halloween movie because I didn’t feel like one. Michael Myers had approximately 13 minutes of screen time. That’s it! The choice of sidelining Laurie and Michael in the final chapter and focusing on a new character was an odd and weird choice. I have to say that I respect the director’s vision here. He tried something new and failed! Furthermore, the movie toned down the kills which was a letdown for me! There were one or two kills that stood out but the others felt underwhelming. Oh, and the horror elements were basically nonexistent. The jumpscares were cheap and were just there to scare you. The final showdown between Michael and Laurie was epic and gruesome. It was tense and kept me on the edge of my seat! Jamie Lee Curtis did a fantastic job with Laurie. She always does an amazing job with her roles, to be honest! While the plot was messy and convoluted, I left the movie extremely satisfied with it.

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