Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

A Fresh Twist on the MCU - 8/10

by Dr. Cinema

I went into this movie having low expectations of seeing any cameos and got out a bit disappointed from the movie. I expected way more from it! The story follows Doctor Stephen Strange who traverses the multiverse to battle a frightening new opponent. Let’s start with the positive aspects of this movie. from the camera angles to the horror elements in it this movie has Sam Raimi’s DNA all over it. About that, this is the creepiest MCU movie to date and I love it! I hope we can get more horror MCU movies in the future. In addition, I wanted to mention the impressive amount of violence that was shown in the movie. I was impressed with how much they could squeeze in considering the movie is rated PG-13. Well, I am happy to say that this is certainly the most brutal movie in the MCU! Let’s move on to the story now. The CGI in this movie is amazing for the most part but I found it weird in certain scenes. Furthermore, some of the performances stood out to me in this movie. Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda did a phenomena job of her character. Benedict Cumberbatch did a fantastic job with his variants in this movie. Overall, the performances were pretty good. Danny Elfman’s score was a feast to my ears! There was one scene that I absolutely thought was brilliant. I cannot discuss it here as it may be a spoiler. Now let’s move on to the negative aspect of this movie. The story is good but messy in this movie. I really hated how it went in a certain direction with its characters. The main problem here is that this is not Doctor Strange’s movie. This is Wanda’s movie more than his and I have a problem with that. I really wanted them to explore Strange’s character more and I thought that Wanda’s arc was pretty much done in WandaVision (2021).  Speaking of characters, let’s discuss the cameos that showed up in this movie. I beg you to keep your expectations pretty low for them. Yikes! Recently, Keven Feige said that they showed too much in the trailer and I completely agree with him. They showed most of the cameos in the trailer and that is a bummer! I really was expecting much more madness and a better story in general. It really doesn’t do anything special other than it being hyped up by marvel only to turn out a disappointment to some. Moreover, the pacing of the movie was good. It was definitely fast-paced and action-packed. Last but not least, I found the movie rushing to the ending. They really could have benefited from an additional 30min or so to expand the story. Some of the dialogue felt weird and out of place sometimes but it worked here. Overall, this movie was good, It might not do anything special but it will certainly leave you wanting more. The post-credit scenes were awesome and set up nicely the future of this character.  

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