Death of a Virgin & the Sin of Not Living - ع أمل تجي

A personal and intimate experience - 8.5/10

by This Is My Review

Dealing with intimate and sensitive topics that are intentionally disregarded by society is always a huge risk!! Luckily, “Death of a Virgin and the Sin of Not Living” knew exactly how to balance its elements in order to send all these very important messages and morals in a clear way while treating subjects that are considered “Taboos”. The moment I read the synopsis, I wanted to watch this film just to see how such heavy themes can be delivered on the big screen without feeling forced. Well, the answer was simpler than I thought: Keep it natural!! Everything in this film felt so natural and every single decision that was taken helped the story evolve and become more realistic. As if you’re being part of this not-so ordinary journey: The dialogues were smooth, the characters were relatable and the messages that the film was trying to send might feel so obvious a first but then you realize that they are actually rejected and ignored in our daily life!! You can feel that the Writer/Director was passionate about this specific story and that he had something personal to tell through this film. That’s a very interesting element to appreciate because it usually gives the script more depth and this one was no exception!! You can understand each and every one of the characters because they were carefully built and cleverly developed. Credits should be also given to the great cast especially the four main leads who delivered strong performances and were interacting in the most natural way possible to the point where I thought that most of their lines were improvised (and to my surprise, they were NOT). You don’t see such local films every day, “Death of a Virgin and the Sin of Not Living” is simple, intimate… and so powerful!!!

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