Turning Red

PIXAR's secret recipe - 8/10

by This Is My Review

Before watching it, I had a weird feeling that this film might be shallow, depending on its main plot to entertain the audience…. Luckily, I was SO wrong!!! “Turning Red” is a solid proof that a clever idea cannot work alone if you don’t surround it with good elements. Unlike most animation studios working nowadays, PIXAR never relies on a clever and catchy concept to carry their movie, they always find a deep and purposeful story to present and treat which adds more layers to the “fun” experience. Writer and Director Domee Shi previously gave us one of the most heartwarming short films ever: “Bao” and in her first feature, she didn’t disappoint and turned this great story into something meaningful that triggered the right emotions and sent the appropriate messages. The movie dealt with so many sensitive and new themes in the best way possible, I can’t really remember any other animated film that portrayed teenagers so naturally. You can feel that the movie understood this specific generation with all their struggles. The characters felt so real and each one of them had a unique personality to share on-screen. Also, this is by far one of the funniest PIXAR films I’ve seen in a while, most of the jokes were a hit and nearly all the pop culture references were on point without being misplaced or cringy. “Turning Red” will speak to teenagers (maybe a bit more than kids) and will remind adults of their “crazy years” in a beautiful and nostalgic way. Anyone can enjoy this warm and inspiring story so go check it out!!!

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